суббота, 19 апреля 2014 г.

Hey guys! ) I have some news! First of all recently I've made a little photoshoot of Orihara Izaya.
I've planned do it a lot of time ago, but I always found some reasons to put this plan off. So I found the time for it a week ago :)
So you can watch it on

Next news will be the fact that soon I will be Weiss Schnee (RWBY). I'll represent this cosplay on All-Russian Voronezh festival on 2 May 2014. It would be a group cosplay of 10 people. Except me there will be a full team of RWBY, also Glynda Goodwitch, team JNPR team but without Pyrrha, then Cinder, Adam, Sun Wukong. The photoshoot will be soon after the festival! )

So, and finally what I want say here that I will be Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail on the next day of the festival .

Thank u for your attention :)

понедельник, 27 января 2014 г.

So, this would be my first review. I bought these Vassen Nova Blue (14.5 DIA) lenses for my future cosplay. Usually I prefer Geo Super Nudy (14.5 DIA) line, but I wanted some little experiments. I'll make a review with comparison Geo Super Nudy Blue (my previous pair of contacts) and Vassen Nova Blue. We could find the difference between them.
They have the same diameter.

So as we can see the difference between them is in colour. Vassen Nova Blue looks more aqua, and Geo Super Nudy - more blue.
Let's look more closer.

Overall rating
Design: 4/5
To my mind there is no any reason for empty spaces in colouring, 'cause of this my own eye's colour is seen pretty well. Especially I don't recommend this pair of contacts to people with dark brown eyes. But they could be look nice on light eyes.The dark outer rings give doll eye effect and it is good, especially for cosplay. 
Colour: 5/5
But I love them, because colour is wonderful ** As I say before colour is more aqua than Super Nudy has.
Enlargement: 5/5
Yeah they'r f***ing big. My eyes look big and dollish.
Comfort: 4/5
The comfort is pretty well, but after 5 hours using them my eyes felt light dryness.
Naturalness: 3/5
They are big, dollish, bright. So I can't say that they look natural. At least on my brown eyes they don't look so.

You can find Vassen Nova Blue and other contacts on PINKYPARADISE.
I'm satisfied have dealing with them, and in future I'm planning order more lenses in PinkyParadise shop.

Thanks for attention! I hope this information was helpful for you.


Hello everyone! I decided to start blogging about some cosplay stuff. I've already had such blog, but under some circumstances I had to interrupt it. And now I renew my blogging and in addition to it I will review circlelenses and some cosmetics. I hope you will enjoy my blog ^3^
The first picture of this blog will be collage of my cosplays since I started cosplay <3
Thanks for attention ^3^